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Ben Franklin's bifocals September 6, 2005

Free Will

Many are those who view free will as God's gift to mankind. Some skeptics argue that free will is a fallacy, and that the universe and everything in it is but one clockwork orange that was started ticking for an unknown reason, and simply ticks on. Others believe that we all dance on the end of invisible strings at the whim of a cosmic puppeteer. I say that all this is irrelevant. The salient point about free will is that it is a necessary illusion, and belief in it is an essential feature of the human condition. In other words, we must behave as if it exists, without regard for proof of its existence. In this particular, free will is akin to the purpose of life. Of course, I could be wrong.

William's Whimsical Words:

The freedom of each individual is directly proportional to the degree of control that person is able to exercise over his or her agenda.

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