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Ben Franklin's bifocals May 7, 2006

String Us Along

Einstein playing with atom

Prince Albert (who once was mighty),
Now taken down by bits of fluff?
It seems sub-atomic particles.
Weren't nearly esoteric enough.

Einstein thinking

Uncle Albert could not conceive why
God played dice with our universe.
Almighty might deign to make his point,
But wouldn't crap out just to be perverse.

dice rotating

Perhaps quarks touched off some sparks,
And the strangeness lost its charm.
Chances are we'll never know,
What caused so much alarm.

Einstein gets an idea

When four dimensions proved mundane,
They could have settled for seven.
Instead by mathematical legerdemain,
Physicists saddled us with eleven.

Einstein shaking head

If you thought you had some branes,
And understood this weighty matter,
Matter's not found in boats & trains,
Nor captured by this idle chatter.

curved fabric of space

The Strings that vibrate in their place,
Sometimes they loop, or whatever,
They take up so very little space,
And you won't see them - now or never.


If you find the physicks of string,
Way beyond your understanding,
Join the club; you're not a ding,
Press on with life, notwithstanding.

smart donkey at chalkboard man dancing

William's Whimsical Words:

cellphone ringing

So find a little bit of string,
And tie it round your middle finger.
Next time you hear a cell phone ring,
Hold it up, and salute the ringer.

Cellphone freeway alert sign


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