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April 27, 2004


When that great charger comes at you out of the night, sharp hooves flashing and eyes like coals, dark rider up with countenance too terrible to look upon, neither knowing pity nor mercy, both determined to ride you down; you say, "Stop"! You are a Night Mare, and an old gray one besides, not a fire-breathing stallion.

You should pull the carrot from your pocket and break it in two. Feed her half from the flat platter of your hand. Put the other half back in your pocket so that she will nuzzle you for it. Then reach up and scratch her in that special place on the nose that all horses like to have scratched. When you are ready, grab her mane in both hands and sling your right leg up over her back. Then she will take you wherever you wish to go.

When you return from your moonlit ride, you will rub her down well, and lead her to a quiet stall where you can both be comfortable together.

horse looking from stall

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