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April 9, 2004

Strange Fruit #1

Strange Fruit is growing on Democracy's Tree.
We'll show non-believers what it means to be free.
In Iraq we have seen one shining example,
How a Free Press forms a central principle.

When a Cleric of whom the Government disapproves,
Prints words in his paper that the populace moves,
Why, shut down the Press, and seize his lieutenant,
Then send out the Police with an old Murder Warrant.

Label the Cleric a thug, and a "Little Hitler."
Transform this bit player into a Major Actor.
Give him a World Stage to display his violence.
It is ever thus, when the Press you do silence.

When the violence erupts as you knew it must,
Send out the spin-doctors to stir up the dust.
Blame a Muslim Leader for reacting to provocation.
Let the Generals posture to impress the Nation.

Send in the Marines, with their armor and air.
This is our fighting force beyond any compare.
Small matter if we should lose a few dozens.
They aren't George's, Dick's, or Donald's cousins.

Artillery Firing

Kill a host of Iraqis in the urban combat.
Win their hearts and minds in a funeral procession.
"Stay the Course" is a mantra that behooves a wombat,
But when it comes to death, we make no concession.
Iraqi funeral

Liberty's Tree is nourished with Patriot's Blood.
This President's determined to make it a Flood.
To plant our tree in the Middle East.
The People must root it, and want it at least.

The Last Liberty Tree

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