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Franklin bifocals Friday, December 5, 2014

College of William and Mary
[1776 - The Phi Beta Kappa honor society is founded at The College of William and Mary]

George Washington by Stuart    adams-john-bystuart
[1792 - George Washington & John Adams are re-elected as president & vice president]

George A. Custer, USA    General George A. Custer
[1839 - George Armstrong Custer, General officer, US Army, born in New Rumley, Ohio]

USS Michigan
[1843 - USS Michigan is launched at Erie, Pennsylvania. America's first iron-hulled warship]

Rodeo Cowboy Bill Pickett    Rodeo Cowboy Bill Pickett
[1870 - Willie M. 'Bill' Pickett, innovative rodeo cowboy, born near Taylor, Texas]

Walt Disney with Oscars    Walt Disney with that mouse    Innovator, Businessman, Animator Walt Disney
[1901 - Walt (Walter Elias) Disney, innovator, producer, cartoonist, executive, born in Chicago]

Film Director Otto Preminger    Director Otto Preminger
[1906 - Otto (Ludwig) Preminger, film director, born in Vienna, Austria]

Prohibition ends - bar scene
[1933 - Drinkers toast the end of Prohibition in the USA]

AFL - CIO Union merger
[1955 - American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
merge to form AFL-CIO]

Me, Myself & I

William Shakespeare writing

All writing is autobiographical. Writing is of necessity an intensely egotistic and egocentric process. To the extent that the writer conceals this truth in the creation of her or his works, so do we distinguish the great from the mediocre author.

William's Whimsical Words:

Shakespeare acting with skull Works of Shakespeare

Who did it better than this fellow?

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