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Franklin bifocals Friday, November 28, 2014

Explorer & Mariner Magellan    Old Map of the Magellan Straits
[1520 - Magellan enters the "Sea of the South" on the first westward crossing to the Pacific Ocean]

Writer John Bunyan    Writer John Bunyan
[1628 - John Bunyan, author, born near Bedford, England]

Poet William Blake
[1757 - William Blake, poet, born in Golden Square,

Architect Henry Bacon    Architect Henry Bacon
[1866 - Henry Bacon, architect (Lincoln Memorial), born in Watseka, Illinois]

Duryea wins first auto race in No. 5
[1895 - Six horseless carriages leave Chicago for first auto race (54 miles to Evanston,
Illinois and back): inventor J. Frank Duryea wins in No. 5]

Conductor Jose Iturbi
[1895 - Jose Iturbi, pianist, conductor, born in
Valencia, Spain]

Artist Charles Alston    Artist Charles Alston's Family #1
[1907 - Charles Alston, artist, born in Charlotte, North Carolina]

Actress Gloria Grahame    Academy Award-winning Actress Gloria Grahame
[1923 - Gloria Grahame (Hallward), Academy Award-winning actress, born in Los Angeles]

Actress Hope Lange    Actress Hope Lange
[1933 - Hope Lange, Emmy-winning actress, born in Redding Ridge, Connecticut]

coffee ration stamps
[1942 - Coffee rationing begins in the USA]

Dancer Alexander Godunov
[1949 - Alexander Godunov (Boris Alexandrovich Godunov),
ballet dancer, actor, born in Sakhalin Island, Soviet Union]

Go Out

(A Father's Advice to his Sons)

knight with shield You must go out amongst them.
Only in the world of men may you find
Answers to questions you ask yourself.

Look each one in the eye, without malice.
Deal honestly with all, yet be slow to trust.
Despise no man; you know not who has a vital clue.
Impose not your will, nor allow others subject you.

Many will come to you as you to them.
These call friends, enjoy their company.
Some come at night to harm your kin or you.
Then your arm be strong, your aim be true.

Roman sword

William's Whimsical Words:

'Tis a dangerous world, but the only one around.

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