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Ben Franklin's bifocals December 31, 2007

Strike Stricken

For most of the past two months William has declined to publish new material in solidarity with his brothers and sisters in the Writers Guild of America. This has not been an easy task. Writers write, and although we like to pretend that we do not care if anyone reads our stuff, that is just whistling in the dark. Not writing at all is unthinkable. Writing without publishing takes more discipline than William possesses.

Following the recent announcement that Letterman had reached agreement with the writers in his own production company to create new material, it occurred to William that since he was his own production company, publisher, editor, marketing director, financial backer, chief cook, and bottle washer, he might follow the same path. As a consequence of this insight, William is pleased to announce that as a result of an all-night negotiating session, he also has reached agreement to resume publication of new (and improved) Journal entries. For those of you who were holding your breath, please feel free to exhale.

Writer writing at desk

William's Whimsical Words:

Those contemplating an extended period of TV reruns, lame game shows, inane reality programs, bread and circuses, please join with me in wishing all success to the Writers Guild in its negotiations with our entertainment corporate masters.

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