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November 28, 2003

A Bargain

I received a new military pay statement for my retirement income from the US Navy. Because of the recently enacted tax cuts championed by our President, I will be receiving $30.15 more per month in net pay in 2004. In return for that increase all I have to do is give up some of my pride in my Country, and part of my civil liberties, and stand by while the national debt grows at a rate of about $500 Billion per year.

Excuse me, Mr. President, I do not wish to appear ungrateful, but this does not seem like such a terrific bargain to me. I can understand how you may wish to pander to the public in order to increase your chances of reelection, and I know that if I was one of your rich cronies (like Ken Lay, Enron's former CEO) that I would be seeing a much larger bump in my take home dollars. If you please, I would much rather you keep my $30.15 increase if you will promise to use it in the Headstart Program, instead of backing your party's effort to gut it. Read my lips; leave no child behind.

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