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Ben Franklin's bifocals August 19, 2006

Owed to Ogden Nash

Humorist & Poet Ogden Nash

Most say Ogden Nash was a comic poet.
Just read him and you will surely know it.
Now, was he a comic who set his work to verse,
Or a poet with a vision of a world perverse?

He is gone now; he no Baby-boomer.
But his writings preserve his sense of humor.
Who cares if his verse took liberties with meter.
He would see Bush has the brains of a Wal-Mart Greeter.

Gently he wrote of animals and children.
He described them in ways that with whimsy filled them.
He spoke to us of the cow and the camel.
With imagination that was untrammel.

William's Whimsical Words:

I admit that you are more clever than I.
You will never be mistaken for a Ham from Rye.
I salute you, dear Ogden, in your sleep,
And pray this won't make you Nash your teeth.

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