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Ben Franklin's bifocals May 21, 2007

Another Winning Strategy

Pakistan Attack story, Sacramento Bee 7/19/07

Flushed with the success of its Iraq strategy and emboldened by a ringing endorsement of its conduct of military operations as demonstrated in the 2006 elections, the Cheney-Bush foreign policy team moves boldly to invade another sovereign state.

Way to look, guys! With this most recent insane proposal you and your Neocon pals can in one master stroke achieve some or all of the following US objectives:

1. Tie down additional US Armed Forces in a remote tribal area where their high-tech equipment is rendered moot by well-armed local fighters defending their own turf against invaders unfamiliar with it, thus assuring that our forces will take heavy casualties.

2. Further stress the readiness and morale of our ground forces to the breaking point.

3. Confirm the suspicion of the International Community that the US is engaged in a Holy Crusade against Muslim nations (except those that supply it with oil).

4. Provide al-Qaida with another propaganda victory to further bolster its global recruiting efforts.

5. Demonstrate the continued efficacy of the Decapitation strategy that proved so successful in Iraq by removing a dictator (In this case Musharraf), and replacing him with anarchy, a civil war, or with a regime dominated by Islamic Fundamentalists.

6. Place the nuclear arsenal of a country that is demonstrably unstable in the hands of radical elements hostile to US interests.

7. Quite likely destabilize another region and provoke a war between the traditional enemies of India and Pakistan.

William's Whimsical Words:

Beavis and Butt-head do Pakistan.

Beavis and Bush-head
Heh, huh, heh, huh, heh, huhhuh, huh, heh, huh, heh, huhhuh.

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