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July 8, 2004

No Thorough Street

The signs were there all along. You just chose not to see them. As you turn around in the cul-de-sac you are in, and find your way back to the mainstream, you see them plainly on the way out and say, "Now, I wonder how I missed those?" You didn't. You drove right past them.
sign danger do not enter signconstruction ahead

Then there are those who purposefully fight their way around the barriers.construction blockade The barricades with big signs on them that say: "Road Closed," "Detour," "Wrong Way," "Dead End."detour sign road closed sign dead end sign They know better, and sure enough there is a perfectly good road beyond the barricade. What exhilaration they must feel as they drive off the end of an unfinished freeway at 90 MPH plus, until they reach the apogeeeeeeee. . . . road with hill

ambulance with lights flashing

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