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Ben Franklin's bifocals January 10, 2007

Same Old Way Forward

For a moment there after the November 2006 election, it seemed like the President may have actually gotten the message. The speech that he gave to the nation tonight on the new way forward in Iraq disabused us of that fanciful notion. It should be clear now to every thinking person that this man not only doesn't have a new plan, but he does not even understand the problem or appreciate the grave situation he has created in the volatile middle east.

Aside from a few minor tactical changes, the plan outlined by the Commander in Chief is no new strategy at all. He said as much. In the course of his remarks, the President pointed out that training of the Iraqi forces remains the essential US mission in Iraq. If this is not more of the same old "stay the course" or "stand up-stand down" nonsense, then it is hard to imagine what is. What this poor man fails to understand is that Iraq is a country embroiled in vicious and widespread internal tribal warfare, and the current so-called unity government has neither the means nor the will to stop it. Under these circumstances, "stand up-stand down" becomes "prop up to fall over."

William's Whimsical Words:

How the President and his advisors can stand the people's message of the last election on its head and convert it into a mandate to send in additional troops defies both logic and reason. They must all be delusional in that White House.

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