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Franklin bifocals Sunday, December 13, 2009

Flamenco Guitarist Carlos Montoya
[1903 - Carlos Montoya, flamenco guitarist, born in Madrid]

Actor Van Heflin    Academy Award-winning Actor Van Heflin
[1910 - Van Heflin (Emmett Evan Heflin, Jr.), Academy Award-winning actor, born in Walters, Oklahoma]

Boxing Great Archie Moore
[1913 - Archie Moore (Archibald Wright), Boxing
Hall of Famer, born in Benoit, Mississippi]

Actor Curt Jurgens
[1915 - Curt (Curd) Jurgens, actor, born in
Solln, Bavaria, Germany]

Indy 500 winner Bill Vukovich
[1918 - Bill Vukovich (William Vucerivoch), race car driver, born in Fresno, California]

Grandma Moses working
[1961 - Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson Moses), artist, dies at age 101]

When I Grow Up

What will little William be,
When reaches he maturity?
Kind Reader, mayhap be absurd,
Grandpa Moses of the written word?

To give his career a needed boost,
Trains he to Master the mot juste.
Should you care about poorwilliam,
Prithee: The Force is with him.

Master Yoda    Edgar Allen Poe at his writing desk

Note: Grandma Moses was about seventy when she began her career as a self-taught painter. She did not sell her first painting until almost age eighty. Soon this special artist attained recognition and fame for her primitive style of homespun works. She was so long in coming to her art because she grew up in an era in which the traditional role of women (particularly farm wives) was to work hard at keeping up a home and raising children. She did that rather well by most accounts, starting out with her husband as tenant farmers, and bearing ten children.

Grandma Moses - Thunderstorm
Grandma Moses - Thunderstorm

William's Whimsical Words:

William has no valid excuse for waiting as long as he has to grasp for his brass ring.

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