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Franklin bifocals Sunday, December 6, 2009

Naval Observatory Dome
[1830 - Naval Observatory is established at Washington, DC]

Actor William S. Hart
[1864 - William S.(Surrey) Hart, actor, born
in Newburgh, New York]

Washington Monument at dusk
[1884 - Washington Monument construction is completed]

Poet, Writer Joyce Kilmer
[1886 - Joyce (Alfred) Kilmer, poet, born in
New Brunswick, New Jersey]

Actress Lynn Fontanne    Actress Lynn Fontanne
[1887 - Lynn (Lillie Louise) Fontanne, Emmy Award-winning actress, born in Woodford, United Kingdom]

Lyricist Ira Gershwin
[1896 - Ira Gershwin (Israel Gershvin), lyricist, born in
New York City]

Photographer & Photojournalist Alfred Eisenstaedt
[1898 - Alfred Eisenstaedt, photographer, born
in Dirschau, West Prussia (now Tczew, Poland)]

Actress Agnes Moorehead
[1900 - Agnes (Robertson) Moorehead, Emmy Award-
winning actress, born in Clinton, Massachusetts]

Swimming Champ Eleanor Holm
[1913 - Eleanor Holm, Swimming Hall of Famer,
Olympic Gold Medalist, born in Brooklyn]

Browns Football Great Otto Graham
[1921 - Otto Graham, College and Pro Football
Hall of Famer, born in Waukegan, Illinois]

Actor Wally Cox
[1924 - Wally (Wallace Maynard) Cox, actor,
born in Detroit, Michigan]

Un-natural Law

A fundamentalist initiative to amend the California Constitution to ban gay marriage in the State on the grounds that it violated "Natural Law" went down to defeat in a previous election. This may have been due to a statement from the spokesman for the group who thoughtfully explained that the reason Natural Law was violated was that: "The body parts don't fit together." The notion that a homophobic bigot should hold himself out as an authority on how body parts fit together in acts of gay sex was apparently so absurd as not to be lost on the electorate.

female symbol female symbol OR IF YOU PREFER male symbol male symbol

Unfortunately, that same electorate was not smart enough to resist dictating to everyone living in the State a fundamentalist definition of marriage, and now the California Constitution takes away some individual rights instead of guaranteeing them.

William's Whimsical Words:

Come to think of it, these don't look like they fit together very well either:
male & female symbols dancing sperm trying to get into egg
Maybe the government and the majority should just stop meddling in our personal lives when what we are doing does not hurt anyone, and is clearly not their business.

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