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Franklin bifocals Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Robert B. Thomas    Robert B. Thomas' Farmers Almanac
[1792 - Robert B. Thomas publishes first edition of The Farmer's Almanac]

Industrialist Andrew Carnegie
[1835 - Andrew Carnegie, industrialist, philanthropist,
born in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland]

Composer Virgil Thomson
[1896 - Virgil Thomson, Pulitzer Prize-winning
composer, music critic, born in Kansas City, Missouri]

Hall of Fame Hitter Joe DiMaggio
Joe DiMaggio    Joe DiMaggio Hall of Fame plaque
[1914 - Joe (Paul) DiMaggio, Yankee Hall of Fame fielder, born in Martinez, California]

Actor Ricardo Montalban
[1920 - Ricardo Montalban, Emmy Award-
winning actor, born in Mexico City]

Author Shel Silverstein
[1932 - Shel Silverstein, author, poet,
composer, born in Chicago]

Editor John F. Kennedy, Jr.
[1960 - John F. Kennedy, Jr., attorney,
editor, born in Washington, DC]

[1969 - President Richard M. Nixon renounces use of any form of germ weapons by USA]

Basic Math

The foundation of the United States of America rests upon the Ten Amendments, Bill of Rights not the Ten Commandments. Moses with Commandment tablets The purpose of government is to guard the liberty and freedom of its citizens. The purpose of faith is to provide moral principles for the conduct of life. These two purposes are neither coincident, congruent, nor necessarily compatible.

William's Whimsical Words:

Mixing government and faith serves neither and imperils both.

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