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Franklin bifocals Monday, November 9, 2009

Scientist Benjamin Banneker Benjamin Banneker's Almanac
[1731 - Benjamin Banneker, mathematician, astronomer, almanac author, born in Ellicott's Mills, Maryland]

Publisher Elijah Lovejoy
[1802 - Elijah Lovejoy, newspaper editor & publisher, born in Albion, Maine]

Architect Stanford White
[1853 - Stanford White, architect, born in New York City]

Actress Marie Dressler
[1868 - Marie Dressler (Leila Marie Koerber), Academy Award-winning actress, born in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada]

Comedian Ed Wynn
[1886 - Ed Wynn (Isaiah Edwin Leopold), comedian, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Actress Dorothy Dandridge Actress Dorothy Dandridge
[1922 - Dorothy (Jean) Dandridge, actress, born in Cleveland Ohio]

Scientist, Author Carl Sagan
[1934 - Carl Sagan, astronomer, author, born in Brooklyn, New York]

Kristallnacht damage to shops
[1938 - The "Kristallnacht," a night of Nazi terrorism against Jews - Holocaust begins]

Poet Dylan Thomas
[1953 Dylan Thomas author, poet, dies in New York at age 39]

Terrorist Acts

The "Kristallnacht," a night of Nazi terrorism against the Jewish population, was carried out by the SS storm troopers, and owes its name to the broken glass from looted Jewish shops, synagogues, and homes. The result was: 91 Jews murdered and at least an equal number seriously injured, 30,000 Jews arrested and sent to concentration camps, between 815 and 7,800 shops destroyed, 171 dwelling houses and between 119 and 1,000 synagogues set on fire or completely destroyed.

Some think of the terrorist threat as a new phenomenon. It has been around for as long as there were two humans who got together and convinced each other that they were superior to a third one who believed in the wrong god.

Kristallnacht - morning after Kristallnacht - destroyed synagogue

From Heinrich Muller to all Gestapo offices - transmitted at 11:55 p.m., November 9, 1938:

1) Actions against Jews, especially against their synagogues, will take place throughout the Reich shortly. They are not to be interfered with; however, liaison is to be effected with the Ordnungspolizei to ensure that looting and other significant excesses are suppressed.

2) So far as important archive material exists in synagogues this is to be secured by immediate measures.

3) Preparations are to be made for the arrest of about 20,000 to 30,000 Jews in the Reich. Above all well-to-do Jews are to be selected. Detailed instructions will follow in the course of this night.

4) Should Jews in possession of weapons be encountered in the course of the action, the sharpest measures are to be taken. Verfugungstruppen der SS as well as general SS can be enlisted for all actions. Control of the actions is to be secured in every case through the Gestapo. Looting, larceny etc. is to be prevented in all cases. For securing material, contact is to be established immediately with the responsible SD...leadership. Addendum for Stapo Cologne: In the Cologne synagogue there is especially important material. This is to be secured by the quickest measures in conjunction with SD.

William's Whimsical Words:

There is no limit to human cruelty.

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