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Franklin bifocals Thursday, October 29, 2009

Biographer James Boswell
[1740 - James Boswell, author, biographer, born in Edinburgh, Scotland]

Folk Artest Harriet Powers
[1837 - Harriet Powers, folk artist, quilter, born in Clarke County, Georgia]

Fanny Brice Comedienne Fanny Brice
[1891 - Fanny Brice (Borach), actress, comedienne, born in New York City]

Actor Akim Tamiroff
[1899 - Akim Tamiroff, actor, born in Tiflis(now Tbilisi), Georgia]

Cartoonist Bill Mauldin Bill Mauldin -Willie & Joe cartoon
[1921 - Bill Mauldin, Pulitzer-winning cartoonist, born in Mountain Park, New Mexico]

NY Stock Exchange after 1929 crash Variety Stock Market Crash headline

Panic in Wall Street after crash
[1929 - The Great Crash of the stock market]

Cuban Missile Crisis Meeting in White House - 10/29/1962
[1962 - Top-level Cuban Missile Crisis Meeting]

Bonnie Tyler 1983 Album with Total Eclipse of the Heart track
[1983 - Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart ends four weeks at #1 on the pop charts]

Faith-Based Initiative

Uncle Sam taking taxpayer

No Evangelical Christian Church Left Behind.

Pastor John Leland
If pure religion is the criterion to [decide upon] candidates, those who make a noise about it must be rejected; for their wrangle about it proves that they are void of it. Let honesty, talents and quick dispatch characterize the men of your choice.

Baptist pastor John Leland
Independence Day oration 1802

Uncle Sam stay out of religion

William's Whimsical Words:

Never let government entwine itself with organized religion. These two massive institutions can barely function separately. Put them together and you have a combined bureaucracy that will be incapable of serving anyone.

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