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Franklin bifocals Friday, October 16, 2009

Lexicographer Noah Webster
[1758 - Noah Webster, author, lexicographer, born in Hartford, Connecticut]

Poet & Writer Oscar Wilde
[1854 - Oscar Wilde, poet, writer, playwright, born in Dublin, Ireland]

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
John Brown John Brown depicted as a martyr
[1859 - John Brown & 21 followers seize Harper's Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia)]

Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion
[1886 - David Ben-Gurion, first Israel prime minister, born in Plonsk, Poland]

Playwright Eugene O'Neill
[1888 - Eugene (Gladstone) O'Neill, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, born in New York City]

Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
[1898 - William O. Douglas, Supreme Court Justice, born in Maine, Minnesota]

Actress Linda Darnell
[1923 - Linda (Monetta Eloyse) Darnell, actress, born in Dallas, Texas]

Chairman Mao Zedong on the Long March
[1934 - Communist leader Mao Zedong begins the Long March]

[1964 - People's Republic of China conducts successful nuclear test]

Nobel Laureate Bishop Desmond Tutu
[1984 - Bishop Desmond Tutu wins Nobel Peace Prize]

Dangerous Neighborhood

The more dangerous the world seemed to me,
The more I tried to learn how to survive in it.

The more I learned about requirements for survival,
The more dangerous the world seemed to become.

The more knowledge I amassed about this dangerous world,
The more of a threat I seemed to become to the established order.

The more of a threat I become to the established order,
The more dangerous the world actually becomes to me.

threat level

William's Whimsical Words:

At the moment of my death, I will have learned as much as I can in this world, I will have become as dangerous as I can be, and the world will have become too dangerous for me to survive in it a minute longer.

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