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Franklin bifocals Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chicago fire image    Chicago fire poster
[1871 - Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicks over lantern starting great Chicago fire]

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker

Eddie Rickenbacker in his plane
[1890 - Eddie Rickenbacker, aviator, WW-I ace, MoH winner, born in Columbus, Ohio]

Author Walter Lord
[1917 - Walter Lord, author, born in Baltimore, Maryland]

Frank Herbert    Frank Herbert's Dune in German
[1920 - Frank Herbert, sci-fi writer, born in Tacoma, Washington]

Golden Boy Paul Hornung at work
[1961 - Paul Hornung sets Packer record for points scored in a game (33)]

Pursuit of Sleep

Our path is sleep's courtship.
The very young fight her;
The very old embrace her.
Between, unsatisfied, we chase her.

At last we seduce her.
Then once she is ours,
Can't we just be friends?
Comes a night that never ends.

William's Whimsical Words:

Now I lay me down to sleep . . . .

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