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Franklin bifocals Monday, October 5, 2009

Rocket Scientist Robert Goddard
[1882 - Robert (Hutchings) Goddard, rocket science
pioneer, born in Worcester, Massachusetts]

Comedian Larry Fine
[1902 - Larry Fine (Louis Feinberg), comedian,
born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

McDonalds Man Ray Kroc
[1902 - Ray Kroc, entrepreneur, born in Chicago]

Director Joshua Logan
[1908 - Joshua (Lockwood) Logan (III), producer,
director, writer, born in Texarkana, Texas]

[1947 - Harry Truman asks the American people via TV from White House not to eat meat on Tuesdays, or poultry on Thursdays, to save grain for the starving in Europe]

Chief Justice Earl Warren
[1953 - Earl Warren is sworn in as
14th Supreme Court Chief Justice]

Comedian Bernie Mac
[1957 - Bernie Mac (Bernard Jeffrey McCullough),
comedian, actor, born in Chicago]

Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer
[1978 - Isaac Bashevis Singer wins
Nobel Prize for literature]

Peter, Peter, Prisoner Beater

Guantanamo prisoner rows

Peter, Peter, Prisoner Beater,
Had a suspect and couldn't keep her.
Put her in a Gitmo holding cell,
And kept her indefinitely, if not so well.

hooded Iraqi with his 4YO son

Steven, Steven, covert operator,
Al-Qaida suspects; now get even.
Attached to high voltage generator.
Toasted them 'til done and steaming.

prisoner wired for torture

Beatings, threats, torture, mayhem,
We do them all and then nay say them.
When Commanders in Chief tear up the rules,
Troops take their cue; they are not fools.

gitmo prisoner

President Obama said those days are over.
Cheney and his gang would get their cover.
But those of us who fought their wars,
Want some justice for those whores.

naked prisoner abused with menacing dogs

William's Whimsical Words:

That we did this was not surprising; it has always been a part of war. That we lied about it afterwards and tried to pretend we were holier or more moral than the rest of mankind was plain stupid. That some should now have acknowledged torture, embraced it, and tried to immunize themselves from its practice, is unamerican. If the rule of law is to have any meaning, the real war criminals must be tried for their crimes.
Dick Cheney  Don Rumsfeld  Alberto Gonzales

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