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Ben Franklin's bifocals Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aviation Pioneer William Boeing    Aviation Pioneer William Boeing with mailsack
[1881 - William Edward Boeing, aviation pioneer, born in Detroit]

Pianist Vladimir Horowitz
[1903 - Vladimir Horowitz, concert pianist,
born in Kiev, Ukraine]

early 1900s world series
[1903 - Boston Americans play Pittsburgh Pirates in game 1 of modern World Series]

Actor Richard Loo
[1903 - Richard Loo, actor, born in Maui, Hawaii]

matthau-walter-face    Actor Walter Matthau
[1920 - Walter Matthau, Academy & Tony Award-winning actor, born in New York City]

Actor James Whitmore
[1921 - James Whitmore, actor, born in White Plains, New York]

Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist
[1924 - William Rehnquist, Supreme Court
Chief Justice, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin]

Actor Laurence Harvey
[1928 - Laurence Harvey (Laruschka Mischa Skikne),
actor, born in Joniskis, Lithuania]

Actor George Peppard
[1928 - George Peppard, actor,
born in Detroit, Michigan]

Iceman Albert Collins
[1932 - Albert Collins, Grammy-winning guitarist,
songwriter, born in Leona, Texas]

Actor Richard Harris
[1933 - Richard Harris, actor,
born in Limerick, Ireland]


He was not my friend, but I came to know him.
He said James Joyce was a great humorist; I thought him surely mad.
Then he began to read aloud passages he selected from Ulysses.
I cannot remember another time I laughed harder or longer.

James Joyce   Joyce's Ulysses

Some say Williams could be exquisitely cruel and abusive.
If this was so, it was because his crooked finger pointed straight at truth.
He did not suffer fools, nor did he take any prisoners.
It is said he taught himself Latin and was translating the works of the poet Ovid.
No one seems to know what became of him.


William's Whimsical Words:

Williams (no relation to poorwilliam) was likely a casualty in the war on unconventional intellectuals, now in its forty-second millennium.

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