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Ben Franklin's bifocals Tuesday, September 28, 2010 cat o' nine tails

flogging on a navy ship
[1850 - Congress outlaws flogging on Navy ships]

Author Kate Douglas Wiggin   Kate Douglas Wiggin
[1856 - Kate Douglas (Smith) Wiggin, author, educator, born in Philadelphia]

Playwright & Director Elmer Rice
[1892 - Elmer Rice (Elmer Reizenstein),
Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright,
director, born in New York City]

William Paley   CBS Founder William Paley
[1901 - William S. Paley, TV Hall of Fame broadcast executive, born in Chicago]

Boxer Max Schmeling    Boxer Max Schmeling    Max Schmeling as an old businessman
[1905 - Max (Maximillian Adolph Otto Siegfried) Schmeling, Boxing Hall of Fame heavyweight champ, born in Black Uhlan
of the Rhine, Germany]

Cartoonist Al Capp    Cartoonist Al Capp and his Lil Abner creation
[1909 - Al Capp (Alfred Gerald Caplin), cartoonist, born in New Haven, Connecticut]

Actor Peter Finch    Actor Peter Finch
[1916 - Peter Finch (Frederick George Peter Ingle-Finch), Academy Award-winning actor,
born in London]

Football Great Tom Harmon    Sportscaster Tom Harmon
[1919 - Tom Harmon, Heisman Trophy football player, broadcaster, born in Rensselaer, Indiana]

Actor Marcello Mastroianni   Marcello Mastroianni
[1924 - Marcello Mastroianni (Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastrojanni), actor,
born in Fontana Liri, Italy]

Comedian Arnold Stang
[1925 - Arnold Stang, comedian, actor,
born in Chelsea, Massachusetts]

Young Koko Taylor    Queen of Blues Koko Taylor
[1935 - Koko Taylor (Cora Walton), blues singer, born in Shelby County, Tennessee]

Faith Based Program

If you wish to have a truly surreal experience go listen to a Catholic theologian discuss and defend the concept of "just war."

William's Whimsical Words:

How any religion that professes a belief in the teachings of Jesus can endorse the killing of humans by other humans is baffling.

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