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Ben Franklin's bifocals Friday, September 25, 2009

Writer William Faulkner
[1897 - William Faulkner, novelist, born
in New Albany, Mississippi]

Sportswriter Red Smith
[1905 - Red (Walter) Smith, Pulitzer Prize-
winning sportswriter, born in Green Bay, Wisconsin]

Composer Dimitri Shostakovich
[1906 - Dimitri Shostakovich, composer, born in
St. Petersburg, Russia]

Yankee shortstop Phil Riizzuto    Rizzuto Hall of Fame plaque
[1917 - Phil (Philip Francis) 'Scooter' Rizzuto, Yankee Baseball Hall of Fame shortstop,
born in Brooklyn]

Actor Aldo Ray
[1926 - Aldo Ray (DaRe), actor, born in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania]

Writer Shel Silverstein    Writer & Cartoonist Shel Silverstein
[1930 - Sheldon Alan 'Shel' Silverstein, poet, cartoonist, singer, songwriter, born in Chicago]

Piano Virtuoso Glenn Gould
[1932 - Glenn (Herbert) Gould, pianist, born in Toronto, Ontario]

Folksinger Erik Darling
[1933 - Erik Darling, folk singer & songwriter,
born in Baltimore, Maryland]

Dancer & Actress Juliet Prowse
[1936 - Juliet Prowse, dancer, actress,
born in Bombay, Maharashtra, India]

Actor Christopher Reeve as Superman
[1952 - Christopher Reeve, actor, director,
producer, writer, born in New York City]

A Little Rock Nine Student with a crowd of her admirers

Little Rock Nine Students with 101st Airborne troops
[1957 - Nine black students enter Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas, under
protection of 101st Airborne Division, USA]

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
[1981 - Sandra Day O'Connor, first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court, is sworn in]

Grandpa Moment # 4 - No Limits

Grandpa is reading a bedtime story to grandson (age 3.1). He notices that the child can already recognize individual words in his train book, so he asks:

Can you read?

No, Grandpa; I can read when I am four.

Don't you think that you could read when you are three?

No, Grandpa, you have to be four.

{Grandpa sees an opportunity to conduct a Socratic dialogue with grandson.}

Do you think you could read in one month?

No, Grandpa.

How about two months? Could you read then?

No Grandpa, I think it would take longer.

How about four months, could you read after that long a time?

Yes, Grandpa. I think I could.

But, Zach, in four months you will still be three.


{It would seem that a well-intentioned adult who didn't know him thought to encourage young Zach by telling him he would be able to read when he was four (before he went to kindergarten). Instead, a barrier had been erected.}

William's Whimsical Words:

Take care what you say to children.

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