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Ben Franklin's bifocals Saturday, September 4, 2010

Naval Architect Donald McKay   Donald McKay's Flying Cloud

Painting of Donald McKay's Flying Cloud clipper
[1810 - Donald McKay, naval architect, born in Jordan Falls, Nova Scotia]

Composer Anton Bruckner
[1824 - Anton Bruckner, composer, born
in Ansfelden, Austria]

Architect Daniel Burnham   Architect Daniel Burnham
[1846 - Daniel Burnham, architect, born in Henderson, New York]

Richard Wright in 1957  Writer Richard Wright 1949
[1908 - Richard (Nathaniel) Wright, poet, author, born on Rucker's Plantation, near Natchez, Mississippi]

Radio Commentator Paul Harvey   Commentator Paul Harvey
[1918 - Paul Harvey (Aurandt), news commentator, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma]

Comedian Howard Morris
[1919 - Howard Morris, comedian, actor,
director, born in New York City]

Actor Dick York    Actor Dick York
[1928 - Dick (Richard Allen) York, actor, born in Fort Wayne, Indiana]

Actor Richard Castellano
[1933 - Richard Salvatore Castellano, actor, born in the Bronx]

Actor Leonard Frey
[1938 - Leonard Frey, actor, born in Brooklyn]

Dr. Albert Schweitzer at his desk
[1965 - Albert Schweitzer, Renaissance man, dies]

The Right to Bare Arms

As we have now repeatedly seen, communism and capitalism make the same basic mistake about human nature. Neither takes full or adequate account of the human capacity for greed.

In the first case, communism, the mistake leads to excess concentration of wealth and power in government, widespread corruption, and gross inefficiencies in the allocation of resources. In the case of capitalism, the error leads to the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a power elite, flagrant excesses in the private sector, corruption, and gross inequities in the allocation of resources. In either case the distortions in the economy produce severe hardship for the populace, and usually result in chaotic conditions often accompanied by civil unrest and violence, resulting in a breakdown in the rule of law and in regime change.

Sadly, the end-game for failed communist and capitalist states alike is a repressive regime led by one or more dictators.

William's Whimsical Words:

Recent news reports that guns and ammo are flying off the shelves in the USA faster than the manufacturers can make them should give us pause. We already have enough firearms in private hands in this country to arm every man, woman and child. What do all the eager new gun owners know that I don't?

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