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Ben Franklin's bifocals Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Writer, Philosopher Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
[1749 - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, writer, philosopher,
born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany]

Tenor Richard Tucker
[1913 - Richard Tucker [Reuben Ticker], opera singer,
born in Brooklyn, New York]

Sociologist & Writer C. Wright Mills
[1916 - C. Wright Mills, sociologist, writer, born in Waco, Texas]

Holocaust Einsatz (Nazi Mobile Killing Squad) executions
[1941 - Mass slaughter of 23,000 Hungarian Jews by Gestapo in occupied Ukraine]

Hate Crime Victim Emmett Till
[1955 - Emmett Till is murdered near Money, Mississippi]

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking at Lincoln Memorial
[1963 - Rev. Martin Luther King. Jr. delivers "I have a dream" speech at Lincoln Memorial]

Still Emmett


Emmett Till

Emmett Till, you lie there still;
Kidnapped, tortured, and murdered.
You went down South.
"Well, shut my mouth."
Justice too was drawn and quartered.

Emmettt Till with his mother

judicial scale, law books

William's Whimsical Words:

Strange fruit still growing on Southern trees in 1955.

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