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Ben Franklin's bifocals November 6, 2004

Enough, Already

It is time to stop with the whining and the excuses, and get on with the business of life. Come on, Democrats; stop blaming the religious right, the security moms, the NASCAR dads, Ralph Nader, and your fellow citizens for your losses. If you can't take on this sitting president who failed in his most important responsibility of protecting the nation, who misled the country into a disastrous war in Iraq and then grossly mismanaged the aftermath, and who has yet to acknowledge responsibility for a further assortment of blunders and mistakes, no way are you going to beat John McCain in '08. He is a real leader and a real person, and you have to admit that.

So, how about making an end to the pissing and moaning, and most of all let us bid farewell to the wringing of hands and rending of garments. If this Republic is incapable of surviving that Republican and his clan, we are unworthy of the torch that was passed to us by earlier generations of Americans. Get up off the deck, dust yourself off, spit in your hands, and get back in the game. The Country needs every one of us.

Uncle Sam wants you Abe Lincoln Spirit of '76

The penalty good people pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by people WORSE! than themselves.


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