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Ben Franklin's bifocals October 14, 2004

Executive Summary


Well, the debates are over. I finally got it, Mr. President. You really do mean to go out there and kill all those terrorists, along with a whole bunch of innocent civilians who might have the misfortune to get in your way. Your intimates say you were real mad right after 9-11, and I understand now that the need for vengeance is strong in you. I guess that is what your brand of evangelical Christianity is all about. You will probably win the election, because as you have so cleverly pointed out, your opponent is not quite as bloodthirsty as you are, and revenge works on the level of the reptilian brain, which is powerful stuff. John Kerry, who has taken human life, is not quite as anxious to do so again. This makes him a wishy washy flip-flopper on that subject, which is exactly why I will vote for him.

Redneck Special Forces Training Facility

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