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Ben Franklin's bifocals June 23, 2004

The Farmer Buys a Dell

On the farmer with a Dell,
G.W. casts his spell,
Hi-ho, John Kerry-o,
We sure did wish you well.

The lesbian takes a wife,
She must not take a wife,
Hi-ho, the scandal-o,
No gay can have a wife.

The couple takes a child,
Gay couple takes a child,
Hi-ho, the marriage-o,
Can't legitimize a child.

The child takes a nurse,
Now, what could be worse,
Hi-ho, the consequences-o,
The child must bear a curse.

The nurse takes the vow,
The household takes a bow,
Hi-ho, the outrage-o,
And society has a cow.

Milk Cow cartoon cow cow mooing

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