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February 20, 2004

Animal Intimacy

(No, no, you haven't stumbled into some bizarre porno website. This piece is G-Rated.)

The cat jumps down from the bedroom window ledge where he has been stalking the birds that frequent the back yard through the open window that I unlatched for him when he scratched on it to tell me and he comes up to my face on the pillow until he is less than an inch away and I can feel his breath on my cheek and the tickle of his fine whiskers and now sniffs and sniffs to make sure it is me before he circles and lies down purring to be petted before he goes to sleep nose to tail right next to me.


The dog runs to greet me like a prodigal son returned even though I have been gone only an hour and jumps up on me tail wagging with excitement so that when I bend down to pet her she will give me a wet sloppy dog kiss on the lips that I pretend to be disgusted by but she knows that I secretly like.


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