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Ben Franklin's bifocals February 14, 2006

Lessons Learned

hunter pumping shotgun Cheney shooting - newspaper report hunter shooting shotgun

Some lessons we can take away from the bizarre hunting accident wherein our esteemed Vice President blasted one of his hunting mates:

Don't get between Cheney and his objective.

Scooter Libby isn't the only guy to take one for Cheney.

This trigger-happy man is a heartbeat away from the nuclear button.

Dick Cheney has no greater love for lawyers than the general public.

Guns don't hurt people, Neocons do.

The Administration has not forgotten how to stonewall the press and manage the news

Bird-shot from Cheney's hand is worth two from George Bush.

Dick Cheney

William's Whimsical Words:

The sub-head reveals that even the amateur spin-doctors are adept at blaming the victim for the accident.

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