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Ben Franklin's bifocals January 30, 2005

Heads They Win, Tails We Lose

No matter what happens in today's elections in Iraq we end up with the short straw. While the very fact that elections are happening at all is a significant and symbolic movement of that beleaguered country toward a representative government, it is but the first step on an uncertain journey. Consider the costs: 1,400 of our young dead, ten thousand wounded, $300 Billion spent so far. No end is in sight to this outpouring of blood and treasure. Having grossly misled us about the reasons for invading Iraq, the best the President can now offer us is that the end justifies the means (the world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power). There is a non sequitur if we ever heard one. One can only hope that a Iraqi leader emerges from this process who is strong enough to kick us out of his country before too many more American lives are lost there.

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The Tree of Liberty must have good soil, sunshine, and careful tending to put down strong roots, and even then it may take centuries to attain its full growth.

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