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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Thomas Jefferson
[1801 - Thomas Jefferson is selected as President]

Sail On

ship in storm

"Stay the Course," the Captain cried;
I will show them my Firm Hand.
The Captain's heart was filled with Pride;
He simply did not understand.

His Father was a Mariner,
And he had learned his navigation.
A course well laid is safely held.
An errant track may sink the Nation.

One LBJ could not admit,
That he had chosen a wrong plot.
His stubborn nature took the bit.
His legacy consoles us not.

Now JFK could face his blunder.
Passed Bay of Pigs to open water.
Tore not this Nation all asunder.
Admitted Intelligence could falter.

The World forgives a Man or Country,
Makes a mistake, and now would rue it.
Divine is forgiveness; humans may err.
Come on, Mr. President, just say you blew it.

Ship Sunk

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